Can I exercise on a Stationary Bike while Pregnant?

Can I exercise on a Stationary Bike while Pregnant?


Exercising and doing sports when pregnant: is it a good idea? Are there any risks? What are the benefits? Are there any sports to avoid? It is often said that cycling is forbidden to pregnant women because of the risk of falling, but what about the stationary bike during pregnancy?

1. Doing sports when you are pregnant: some great benefits!

Many women, when they learn that they are pregnant, stop practicing sports, or even practically any physical activity. However, it is not only possible but even recommended to continue (or even begin) sports and physical activity during pregnancy.

It is recommended doing sports 30 minutes 2-3 times a week and walking everyday. This is not without reason: sport and physical activity have important benefits for pregnant women!!

Here are the benefits of sports:

It will facilitate the birth of your child by improving your endurance and breathing performance.

It decreases the risk of gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a diabetes that occurs during pregnancy, usually during the 2nd trimester, and which results in hyperglycemia, i.e. too high levels of sugar in your blood (glucose). It affects 3 to 10% of pregnant women. Gestational diabetes presents risks for the mother (hypertension, cardiovascular problems) as well as for the baby: malformations of the fetus or too large a baby causing complications during childbirth. It can also increase the subsequent risk of obesity in children.

It reduces the risk of high blood pressure which affects about 10% of pregnant women. High blood pressure occurs in most cases in the third trimester of pregnancy and can cause complications for the mother and the fetus.

It prevents edema at the ankles. Edema is a disorder of the bloodstream that can cause tingling or pain and give you the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

It limits weight gain during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, and allows you to return to your earlier weight faster after childbirth.

It reduces stress, improves well-being and mood, acts positively on self-confidence, especially because of the secretion of endorphins called the "hormone of pleasure" (see What do you know about the effect of exercise on the brain?).

It improves the quality of sleep.

OUR ADVICE. After sport, you feel good (thanks to the secretion of endorphins) and this feeling of well-being is even more important when you are pregnant since it's not easy every day!

Sports and physical activities such as walking, swimming and cycling are recommended for pregnant women and absolutely safe!

Swimming is a nice sport during pregnancy as you will feel your body lighter in the water. Of course, avoid diving ;) !

The exercise bike is the ideal sport because it offers you a cardiovascular workout, making your heart and lungs work, improves your cardio-respiratory capacity and your endurance. It also helps to strengthen your legs and tone your perineum, important for the smooth unfolding of the childbirth. Be sure to have a good position on your bike: keep your back always straight!

CAREFUL! Practice these sports in moderation and do not try to break records! Also don't do interval workouts on your stationary bike!

If you were not doing sport before pregnancy, nothing prevents you from starting while pregnant, on the contrary!

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW. When you do sports, your baby will generally be calmer, which is sometimes appreciable when you are pregnant.

3. What are the contraindications and which sports should you avoid?

Sports that are too violent, too intensive or that involve a risk of falling should be avoided, such as fighting sports, team sports (football, volleyball, basketball, etc.), horseback riding, skiing, etc.

Gynecologists generally advise not to go cycling outside from the second trimester because of the risk of falling. But you can fall back on the exercise bike!

If you are expecting twins (or more), in case of hypertension, chronic bleeding, back pain or risk of premature birth, talk to your gynecologist as it is very likely that he or she will advise you to rest and decrease any physical activity.

CAREFUL! It is important, when practicing a sport or any other physical activity while pregnant, to go slowly and always listen to your body. If you experience pain, dizziness, contractions or shortness of breath, stop immediately! When you are pregnant, do drink plenty of water before, during and after sports.

4. How long can I continue to exercise on a stationary bike?

During the first three months, you can do sports without any problems. Then you have to be more cautious and go more and more gradually. As your pregnancy progresses, your belly will gain weight and volume and your center of gravity will move down and forward.

When this becomes too troublesome, usually around the 6th month, it is best to see with your gynecologist if you can continue to do sports or not. There is, however, no general rule: It all depends on your pregnancy, your weight gain, any complications, etc. In any case, it is necessary to go gently and to be always listening to your body!

CAREFUL! Always listen to your body (we will never repeat it enough!), If you feel that you have done enough, then stop and resume another day.

Ask your gynecologist before you start on your exercise bike! Especially from 6 to 7 months, you have to be careful and go slowly.

N.B. The information contained in this article is informational and should not replace a medical consultation with a gynecologist or a doctor. Each pregnancy is different and requires individual recommendations!

Which stationary bike would you recommend for a pregnant woman?

Many readers asked us for advice. The DKN AM-3i is very suitable for pregnant women.

Our advice for pregnant women :
- Do 30 minutes of sports 2 to 3 times a week.
- Walk 30 to 40 minutes every day.
- Exercising on a stationary bike will allow you to feel better and lessen your stress.
- Listen to your body when exercising and if you feel pain, dizziness or shortness of breath, stop immediately.
- If you want to avoid gaining too much weight during pregnancy and prevent gestational diabetes, do sports regularly and pay attention to your diet! Avoid sugary drinks and sodas, reduce your sugar intake with tea, coffee, yogurt or other.
- After childbirth, wait before resuming any physical activity. Begin by walking a little and do not resume until the bleeding is over.


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